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Infection Control

  • Keep hands cleanWashing hands is a major focus for our staff 
  • hand sanitisers are provided throughout the hospital for staff, patients and visitors to use regularly
  • Please feel free to ask staff if they have washed their hands

Patients and visitors can help us to keep people safe by:

  • bringing in your own toiletries and not sharing them
  • washing and drying your hands thoroughly - if you are unable to reach a sink please ask one of the nursing staff to provide you with hand wipes or gel
  • washing or cleaning your hands before and after eating
  • keeping the top of your locker/bed side table free from clutter so it can be cleaned properly
  • encouraging your visitors to use the hand gel before they enter and leave clinical areas


  • Staff are responsible for ensuring your bed and ward area are cleaned regularly
  • If you are not happy with the standard of cleanliness or see that something has been missed, please report this to the nurse in charge



Visitors can help prevent infection by:

  • not coming into hospital if you feel unwell in any way - fever, cough, diarrhoea, rash…etc. as you will be exposing already sick patients to risk of infection
  • using the alcohol hand gel before and after leaving clinical areas
  • using the alcohol hand gel between touching patients and surfaces
  • supervising children at all times when they come to hospital
  • not bringing items into hospital that could carry infection to patients or the clinical environment, such as flowers, plants, toys