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  • Fall SocksPreventing falls is a major focus for every hospital as patients can be unsteady on their feet while in the recovery stage

  • The red socks have special rubber soles to help keep patients from slipping

  • They are available from our nurses

To help us prevent falls patients can:

  • use the call bell to get help with getting up and walking until you feel confident to manage alone


  • do not walk on your own if you feel dizzy, weak, tired, or generally unwell
  • wear securely fitting slippers with a non-slip sole and no trailing laces
  • if you have a bed rail in place, please call the nurses to lower the rail before getting out of bed
  • do not try to move around the rail
  • if you wear glasses, put them on before moving
  • make sure you know where you are going
  • if you are unsure ask for assistance until you are sure of your way
  • if you have anything to carry, please ask the staff for assistance until you feel completely stable on your feet
  • if you have a catheter bag, please ensure it is fitted securely to your leg and is not likely to drop on the floor and trip you up
  • ensure that pajama bottoms are tied securely and are not likely to fall down and trip you up