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  • We are required to follow a number of rules when collecting, using and storing health information - these rules are set out in the Health Information Privacy Code of 1994
  • Having full health information is important so that the staff caring for you are able to make decisions regarding your treatment and care
  • Details about treatment and care provided to you are held by Waitemata DHB in clinical files and on electronic information systems
  • You can request access to your records through your charge nurse/midwife or the Clinical Records Department

Appropriate sharing of health information helps to improve the quality of care your receive

  • Some health information may be obtained from other health providers e.g.  your GP
  • Waitemata DHB may also need to disclose your health information to other health service providers who are part of your care and treatment or for administration purposes
  • For more detail ask for a copy of the Waitemata DHB pamphlet "Your Health Information"

Download the Your Health Information pamphlet

Waitemata DHB staff are aware of their obligations

  • To only use your health information to provide you with care and treatment or for reasons directly related to the provision of your health services
  • Not to divulge health information about you to persons not entitled to know. Patient Enquiries can only confirm that you are in hospital and your health condition e.g. "comfortable" (If you don't want your name confirmed by Patient Enquiries, please discuss this with your nurse or midwife)
  • To only access health information directly related to your care and treatment and to perform duties as an employee
  • To make sure that health information is not accessible to unauthorised people
  • If you have any concerns or questions about sharing your health information please discuss these with your nurse or midwife

Download the Your Health Information poster