North Shore (09) 486 8900
Waitakere (09) 839 0000


You will need to provide either:

  • A photocopy of your passport (both the first page and the page showing any relevant visas or permits) or
  • A photocopy of a NZ birth certificate or
  • A photocopy of a NZ citizenship certificate or
  • A letter from immigration of acceptance of refugee status

None of these have to be certified copies i.e. signed by a Justice of the Peace

We just need a photocopy of the document

There are four ways you can give us the necessary documentation:

  1. Post a photocopy of the document to: Eligibility Team, Private Bag 93-503, Takapuna, North Shore 0740
  2. Fax a photocopy of the document to: (09) 487 4872
  3. Scan the document and contact us to send the file
  4. When you come to the hospital, present the photocopy in person, or bring the original document which will be photocopied and returned to you
  • Only patients who are about to access our services or who have accessed them in the past will have to prove their eligibility
  • People who have never accessed our services will not be on our database and so will not be able to send in their details in advance
  • Place of birth does not confirm eligibility, which is why it is important that all patients show us their documentation
  • We realise that people who have been born in New Zealand and received healthcare in the past will think it’s inconvenient that they now have to provide their passport or birth certificate to us but we must be fair and treat everyone equally
  • You will only need to show us your documents once, no matter how many times you come to us for treatment, as your details will be loaded in our computer system
  • We will only accept three documents as proof of eligibility for free healthcare – passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate
  • These are the documents required if someone accesses other social services like a pension
  • A New Zealand driver’s licence is not proof that someone is a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident and therefore cannot be used to determine eligibility
  • You can apply for a passport or request a copy of your birth certificate through the government’s Department of Internal Affairs website
  • A birth certificate costs NZ $26.50 and for births before 1998 will take eight working days
  • After 1998 it is one working day
  • No, if you are not eligible you will not be treated for non acute services regardless of whether you can pay or not
  • In this case you will be treated first and then the eligibility team will send you a letter asking you to prove your eligibility
  • If you are ineligible or refuse to provide proof, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of the treatment
  • If you later prove that you are eligible, the invoice will be withdrawn

Below are examples of treatment costs applicable to Waitemata DHB for non-eligible patients (prices are subject to change).

Please be advised your account may differ significantly.

  • Emergency Department visit $867.10 to $1367.35 (up to 12 hours)
  • Emergency Department $1587.23 (per 24 hours)
  • Hospital bed rate per night $1587.23
  • X-ray $195.06 per investigation
  • Ultrasound costs $351.56 per investigation
  • CT scan costs $1496.16 per investigation
  • Operating Room costs $81.57 per minute
  • Unfortunately Waitemata DHB cannot rely on third party evidence
  • We must see the proof ourselves