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Quality Use of Medicines

The Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) team was established to ensure medicines are used safely and effectively.

The team has developed a range of materials for patients, health professionals and those who have an interest in medicine safety.

The aims of the QUM team are:

  • to reduce adverse events associated with the use of medicines
  • to promote the evidence-based use of medicines
  • to improve medicines adherence
  • to promote the timely and accurate communication of information about medicines between patients and healthcare providers in primary and secondary care 

Steering group

The steering group provides direction and advice to ensure the best results are achieved. This group consists of a consumer representative, and members from Waitemata and Auckland DHBs primary and secondary care teams with representatives from medicine, pharmacy, nursing and management. 


Patient information is available on This is intended for patients and their families to read and guide them through their medication use. Please ask your general practitioner or pharmacist if you have any further questions.

Health professional information on is intended for general practitioners, practice nurses, pharmacists and midwives to read and assist them when caring for their patients.