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Research Highlights

Research Symposium

The next Waitematā DHB Research Symposium, in collaboration with the University of Auckland and AUT, will take place in April 2022. For the latest information and details of previous events refer to the Research Symposium page.

Publication Highlights

Recent Grant Successes for Waitematā DHB Staff

Waitematā DHB welcomes collaboration with external researchers. Direct all grant enquiries to .

HRC Health Delivery Research Activation Grant (2021)
Dr Jamie-Lee Rahiri: Te Piringa Kotuku  (12 months, $29,967)

HRC Māori Health Knowledge Translation Grant (2021)
Ms Joanna Hikaka (with University of Auckland): Upholding the right of Māori older adults to control their medicines journey (6mths, $5,000.00)

ACC-HRC Achieving Equity for Ageing Māori  (2020)
Ms Joanna Hikaka (with University of Auckland): Whaioranga te Pā Harakeke – Iwi-driven injury prevention and recovery for Māori ($1,421,318)

HRC Achieving Equitable Access to Medicines 

Ms Joanna Hikaka (with Ngā Kaitiaki o Te Puna Rongoā o Aotearoa): Te Puna Rongoā : Achieving medicines access equity for Māori - Pharmacists' role  ($217,942)

HRC Health Delivery Research Activation Grant (2020)
Ms Joanna Hikaka: Access pathways to residential aged care for Māori and non-Māori (8mths, $28,656)

HRC Project Grant (2020)
Dr Janak de Zoysa: ACHIEVE Study New Zealand (60mths, $1,061,052)

Lottery Health Research Equipment Fund (2019)
Dr Michal Kluger & Monica Skarin: Midodrine to prevent Orthostatic Intolerance after Hip and Knee Joint Replacements ($34,288))

Auckland Medical Research Foundation Project Grant (2019)
Dr Michal Kluger: Midodrine to prevent Orthostatic Intolerance after Hip and Knee Joint Replacements (24mths, $159,132)

Auckland Medical Research Foundation (2019)
Dr Elizabeth Berryman: Oral presentation of research and keynote on digital health at the International Conference of Digital Health, Houston, Texas ($2,855)

HRC Breast Cancer Register 2018 Partnership
Dr Karen Bartholomew: Gaps in the provision of radiotherapy for early breast cancer (12mths, $64,984)

HRC Feasibility Study (2018)
Assoc. Professor Jonathan Koea: Bridging rongoā Māori healing & medical health treatment collaboration (24mths, $219,375)

HRC Feasibility Study (2018)
Dr Michal Kluger: STRIDE - Steroids To Reduce the Impact on DElirium (18mths, $249,840)

HRC Emerging Researcher First Grant (2018)
Dr David Rice (with AUT): Anti-depressants for osteoarthritis pain: Can we predict treatment efficacy?  (24mths, $247,098)

HRC Māori Health Research Knowledge Translation Grant (2017)
Assoc. Professor Jonathan Koea: Developing a collaboration between rongoā Māori and western medicine ($5,000, 6 months)

HRC Pacific Health Research PhD Scholarship (2017)
Mrs Georgina McPherson, (with AUT), Pacific women navigating colposcopy services ($49,957, 24 months)