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Health Links

Parents and FamilyHealth Links are not for profit community driven organisations funded by health providers and independent trusts.

Health Links work closely with health providers to connect health services in the Waitematā district with health consumers (patients) and distribute health information to the community and collect feedback to inform service planning. Below are Health Links ongoing projects.

Health Links provide a unique opportunity for local community  along with health and social service providers to attend public forums :

  • to learn about health services available and those being planned for the Waitematā district area
  • to obtain feedback and identify gaps for health consumers (patients) in the health services

Health Consumers (patients) are people who use health services, as well as their family and carers.

This includes people who have used a health service in the past or who could potentially use the service in the future.

A Health Consumer Representative is a consumer member of a committee, project or event who voices consumer perspectives and takes part in decision making on behalf of health consumers.

They may be nominated by and accountable to, a consumer organisation.

The role usually works with a health service (or consumer organisation) and is often in a volunteer capacity.

The role may provide for a small payment to cover the costs.

Health Links facilitate consumer review of literature given to patients by health providers.

Consumers review patient information to ensure the content:

  • uses clear simple language
  • removes health jargon
  • promotes the use of colour, diagrams and photos where appropriate

Keeping information simple helps families understand health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions for their wellbeing.

Health Links bridge the information gap between hospital services and services that are provided in the community.

They host two Community Services Open Days annually at North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospitals.

The open days enable hospital staff:

  • increase their knowledge of local health services available to patients in the community
  • share this knowledge with patients and their families so they feel supported to access health services in the community

Babies out WestWe provide targeted information in a variety of mediums for easy access to community. The community is better informed about the health services available to them.

Health Links also attend local community meetings to share health information and obtain feedback directly from the community on local health issues. This community feedback helps us identify gaps that impact on the patient journey accessing services in primary and secondary care.

The Babies out West brochure provides information about services from pregnancy and childbirth to counselling and parenting education available in West Auckland.

The Parents and Family brochure provides services for parents and families with children in Rodney region and Hibiscus Coast.

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