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Renal Services

Renal medicine, or nephrology, is the branch of medicine that involves the diagnosis and management of people with diseases and conditions of the kidneys.

Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, found at the back of your abdominal cavity, that filter out wastes and excess fluid from your blood and excrete them as urine.

Renal medicine includes the urgent care of acutely ill patients as well as those with chronic illness who require long term care. A doctor who specialises in disorders of the kidneys is called a nephrologist. Conditions seen by a nephrologist may include:

  • acute renal failure – the sudden loss of kidney function
  • chronic, or long term, renal failure – gradual worsening of kidney function
  • haematuria – blood loss in the urine
  • proteinuria – protein loss in the urine
  • kidney stones
  • chronic or frequent urinary tract infections
  • hypertension – that has not responded to antihypertensive therapy

Many kidney disorders may be treated with medications but if kidney function starts to fail and the condition becomes severe, dialysis (using a machine to filter the blood) and later, kidney transplantation, may be required.


  • North Shore Dialysis Centre (Tatari Oranga North) 
    122 Shakespeare Road
    Ph (09) 440 6930 
    Please note, Renal Services is at 122 Shakespeare Road
    Parking: Please park in Marinoto North parking and walk along Shakespeare Road to the Renal Service
    Download location map
    Open 7am - 6pm Monday to Saturday
    24 dialysis stations providing dialysis therapy for 96 patients / week
    Provides acute sessions and plasma exchange are performed here
  • Community Dialysis  Centre (Tatari Oranga O Te Raki)
    96 Apollo Drive
    Auckland 0632
    Ph (09) 447 0141
    Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am - midnight
    Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7am - 7:30pm

    18 dialysis stations providing dialysis therapy for 90 patients/week
    Provides chronic haemodialysis treatments 
    Has peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis units (and has a respite flat)
    Training and support are provided for both unit  types
  • Waitakere Dialysis Unit (Tatari Oranga West)
    Ground Floor
    Waitakere Hospital
    Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am - midnight
    Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7am - 7:30pm

    12 dialysis stations providing dialysis therapy for up to 60 patients/week
    Provides chronic haemodialysis to patients who are able to do their own dialysis
    No acute haemodialysis is provided at the unit
Renal Services

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