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North Shore Commuter Guide

If rush hour and parking gets you stressed, then this guide is for you.

Designed to help ease you in and out of your day, this guide provides you with some useful travel tips and ideas that will make your daily commute more pleasant.

By travelling smarter, you can potentially save money on fuel, running costs, and parking frustrations and possibly even discover new ways to get more fresh air and exercise.

More than 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates said: It was as true then as it is now – a University College London study found that walking reduced the risk of cardiovascular events by 31%.

Whether you choose to walk, run or cycle to work you will enjoy the opportunity to live better, breathe deeply and discover the benefits of active travelling – a time to think and a time to get some exercise and get to work all at the same time.

Even bussing and then walking some of your journey will make a difference.

Freshen up after active travelling if you choose to walk, run or bike to work, talk to your manager about access to shower and locker facilities that have been set aside for this purpose, as well as secure areas to leave your gear.

Walking: Check out the walking times map to estimate how much time you will need.

Cycling: The secure lock-up bike cage is located behind the main hospital building (Security will be able to load access on your card). There are also bike racks located outside entrance 4 and below the car park building by the pay and display machines.

Visit for cycle maps of your area, including the location of cycle lanes and other cycle information.



Avoid the motorway queues and take advantage of our world class busway.

With the Smales Farm bus station conveniently located less than 9 minutes walk from work, catching a bus has never been easier - buses run every 15 minutes (off peak) and at least every 8 minutes (during peak).

So, if you are traveling in from the City or from the Shore, buses could be a cheaper and easier option.

Disclaimer: Times displayed below may vary. This information is a true and accurate guide at the time of publication.





Windy Ridge to Takapuna via Hospital
Bayswater to Hospital via Takapuna
Beach Haven to Takapuna via Hospital
Long Bay to CBD via Hospital
Buses every 15 minutes or better via Northern Busway
Buses every 15 minutes or better via Northern Busway

When travelling between North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital for work it's convenient to take the staff shuttle service.

It departs at ten past every hour from 7.10am to 4.10pm daily – for the early birds, an extra service departs both hospitals at 6.30am daily.

Staff shuttle bus stops:

  • Waitakere Hospital – front entrance
  • North Shore Hospital – rear of the main hospital building
  • Refer to locations on the site map
  • Can not be used for your normal commute to get to work


Staff Shuttle


Time and traffic flies when you’re having fun, and carpooling puts both the easy and social into your travel arrangements, not to mention your own priority carpool car park.

Your priority park is located at L3 in the main car park building (so long as you display at least two WDHB carpooling permits on your dashboard). All it takes is an email to the hospital’s Sustainabile Development Manager to get you your priority permit, and a guaranteed ride home if you ever need it (as per the WDHB commitment to carpooling support policy).

Don’t have a car pool buddy yet? Register your details on the Waitemata DHB car pool group of the site to find carpool matches from your area. In addition to your own priority permit, you get to drive in the priority lanes and transit lanes (T2 & T3) across Auckland to speed up your journey when carpooling.

Priority T2 lanes include Shakespeare and Forest Hill Roads – the Shakespeare Road transit lane is 55% faster than normal traffic speeds during peak hour. T2 & T3 lanes also welcome cyclists and motorcycles.



Carpool map

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