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Patient FAQs

FAQsClick on the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about ESC.

  • The day before your operation one of our nurses will phone you 
  • They will discuss with you:
    • what time you should arrive at the ESC on the day
    • the time when you should stop eating and drinking from
    • when to stop taking any medication you may be taking if required
    • if you are taking aspirin or blood thinners, such as warfarin
  • You will need to arrange suitable transport to get to the hospital 
  • Patients that are discharged from the ESC on the same day of surgery: 
    • will need to make prior arrangements for being collected after their recovery
    • and then have someone responsible looking after them in the next 24 hours after surgery
  • ​Please bring your carer's name and contact number so we can contact them when you are ready to go home

If you are to stay overnight after your operation, bring an overnight bag with:

  • comfortable and practical sleepwear
  • slippers
  • a dressing gown
  • your toiletries
  • your glasses
  • walking aids etc
  • some reading material

Also bring:

  • any test results
  • doctor's letters or ACC documentation
  • X-rays
  • any medications you currently take
  • yellow medication card (if you have one)
  • your Community Services Card (if you have one)

There are free televisions at each bed space for your entertainment

If you are a day patient please bring loose fitting, comfortable clothing to go home in

Please AVOID bringing valuables with you, as we cannot take responsibility for them

  • Yes, visitors are welcome at the ESC
  • Visitors are asked to respect the patients on the ward
  • Visiting hours are between 8am and 8pm
  • After having any surgery and/or anaesthesia, you are not allowed to drive yourself home
  • Please arrange for somebody to collect you to take you home and spend the first 24 hrs with you
  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol, operating machinery or signing legal documents for at least 24 hours



  • You will be greeted by our receptionist
  • They will take your details and ask you to take a seat in the waiting area
  • One of the pre-admission nurses will collect you from there and take you through to the pre-operative area
  • Once there, the nurse will take your weight, blood pressure, temperature and height
  • Then the surgeon and anaesthetist will come and see you and fill out and sign your consent forms
  • You will wait to be collected to go through to theatre

There may be some occasions where you may need to wait for quite a while before going into operating theatre but we provide reading material and a television to watch to break up the time.

  • We have designed special videos for three common procedures – a hip or knee replacement and a hernia repair
  • These videos explain the procedure and how to prepare for it in advance, particularly what to expect after the procedure has taken place
  • DVDs will be given to you at your initial outpatient appointment
  • View the elective surgery videos