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  • Outpatients Service has a variety of different specialised clinics booked throughout the week
  • Patients attending our clinics are referred by their GP or other health services for specialised treatment and advice
  • You may also be seen after you have been discharged from hospital to see: 
    • about any outstanding investigations
    • to see how you have improved
    • to see how you have tolerated medications
  • Waitemata DHB is a teaching facility
  • Doctors may have medical students present during their clinics
  • If you would prefer not to have students present during your appointment, please inform a staff member

Outpatient information

Check your appointment details

  • We want you to be at the right place, at the right time, on the right day
  • If you are coming to an outpatient appointment, we would prefer you to bring your appointment letter with you so that you can be checked into the right clinic

On arrival

  • The receptionist will ask you to check your current details
  • You will need to tell them if you have recently changed your address, phone number or general practitioner (GP)
  • You may be asked to provide proof of eligibility - please give the receptionist a copy of your birth certificate or passport
  • The receptionist will send you for tests if required before your appointment
  • During your consultation a full medical history will be taken including:
    • an examination
    • tests such as x-rays or blood tests may then be requested (to help doctors plan your treatment)
    • some of these tests can be done at the time of your appointment
    • other tests may have to be arranged for another day
    • asking questions about your health to help diagnose the problem

Update your details as the clinic appointment 

  • Please let us know if you change: your name, address, phone number or family doctor
  • So we can contact you at short notice regarding your appointment
  • So we can contact your current doctor (GP) to send test results and letters regarding your visit

Help us to help you

Waitemata District Health Board staff are committed to working in partnership with you to achieve the best possible outcome

You can help us to achieve this by:

  • being involved in your treatment and care whenever this is possible
  • co-operate with and support the agreed treatment
  • providing information that could assist with your care and treatment
  • informing us if your rights are not being met
  • being sensitive to the needs of others
  • respecting the privacy of others and keeping any information about them in confidence 
  • respecting the staff and property of Waitemata District Health Board
  • applying the non-smoking policy

Unable to attend your appointment?

Please phone the number on your letter:

  • if you are unwell or unable to attend your appointment
  • If the appointment time is not suitable
  • your appointment can be offered to another patient to reducing waiting times and make best possible use of our resources


  • Waitakere Hospital
    Ph (09) 839 0000
    Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 5.30pm
    Closed on public holidays

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