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District Mental Health Services

  • Mental illness describes problems that range from minor difficulties to more serious disorders
  • Mental illness affects a person’s mood, thinking, perceptions, insight, judgment, understanding and ability to make choices
  • There are a number of factors that can influence a person’s mental health, these are: 
    • psychological health
    • social factors such as having a job
    • friends and a valued place in society
    • spiritual wellness
    • biological health
  • Mental illness is also influenced by the complex nature of interactions between human beings and their environment

Mental Health Services

  • Mental Health services aim to work alongside the person and their family/whanau to provide treatments that will help the person's recovery from mental illness
  • These may be medications and/or talking treatments
  • Staff who are working in mental health services aim to support/empower people on their recovery journey

Mental health services aim to provide the following when things are not going well for people

  • Provide an assessment
    • This involves asking questions about you and your experiences to understand what symptoms you are experiencing and how they are best treated
  • Discuss treatment options to help alleviate any symptoms
    • This could include taking medication and/or talking therapies (types of counselling treatments)
  • May visit you at home or offer respite options for when greater support is needed
    • There is also hospital available for when more support is required than what can be offered in the community


  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Child, Youth & Family Mental Health Services
  • Emergency Care Centre and Psychiatry Liaison
  • Service Coordinators


  • After hours, ring the main hospital - contacts for crises can be accessed via this number
    Emergency / Crisis Assessment 24/7 (via CMHT crisis staff and Emergency Care Centre): Ph (09) 486 8900


District Mental Health Services

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