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Services planning

Health of Older People Plan

In 2002 the Ministry of Health released the national Health of Older People Strategy. The document sets out the principles and objectives for the development of services for older people throughout New Zealand.

The strategy makes Waitemata DHB responsible for providing specialist services for the older people in its district, as well as funding and planning for residential care and support services.

Mental Health and Addictions Plan

The Waitemata DHB mental health and addictions plan is a strategic framework to assist the planning and delivery of district mental health and addiction services to meet the needs of Waitemata's population.

The plan has been developed in partnership between Waitemata DHB, non-government organisations, primary health organisations, consumers and families that provide or receive mental health and addictions services in the district.

A summarised Mental Health and Addictions Plan is available for download, or you can download the full version of the Mental Health and Addictions Plan.

Youth Health

Todays young people are tomorrows workforce, parents and leaders, and their future is shaped by opportunities and support they receive. Adolescence is frequently associated with increased risk taking and lifestyle choices that impact on wellbeing. New Zealand's rates of teenage suicide, pregnancy and motor vehicle accidents are among the highest in the developed world (NZ Child and Epidemiology Service 2006). Waitemata youth have comparable health status to their national counterparts. However, inequalities can and do exist for our young people.

Waitemata District Health Board wishes to have health services for youth that are evidenced based and more accessible so that their health needs are addressed.