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Visiting Waitematā sites

The Communications Department must approve access by the media to any of our sites. Where access is agreed, a Communications Advisor will meet you on site and accompany you for the duration of your visit.

Please let us know your needs in advance. If your plan includes photography of a patient, family or a staff member, we can seek photo consent on your behalf in advance. This will avoid delays.

Verbal consent to filming/photographing is insufficient. We must have written consent in advance. Communications Advisors can inform you of staff commitments, treatment schedules and requirements for infection control, and arrange a mutually convenient time and location for your interview.

If Te Whatu Ora - Waitematā agrees to a media organisation coming onsite to film you will be required to sign and return a Filming and Location Agreement in advance.

Depending on the nature of your request, a facilitation fee may be applicable. Each request will be treated on a case by case basis. The fee covers the cost of processing your application and staff time.