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Patient Information Confidentiality

We place great emphasis on the need for the strictest confidentiality in respect of our patients.

Please be familiar with the following guidelines in relation to the disclosure of information about patients

  • We do not release any personal information regarding a patient without consent of the adult patient or, where the patient is a child, the consent of the parent or guardian. Consent is required to confirm a patient's admission to hospital
  • Once consent is obtained, we may confirm admission and provide a condition report for the patient limited to one of the following descriptions
    • Stable - condition unchanged
    • Good - vital signs stable, within normal limits, patient conscious and comfortable, indicators favourable
    • Fair - vital signs stable and within normal limits, patient conscious but may be uncomfortable, indicators questionable
    • Critical - vital signs unstable, not within normal limits, patient may not be conscious, indicators unfavourable
  • We will not confirm other details unless we have consent from the patient or their parent or guardian
  • When patients or their family members decline consent for release of information and request that all information about them or their child remains confidential, we are unable to comment on such patients
  • Confirmation of a patient's death occurs only with family consent and after notifying next of kin