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News (external link)  - Simple tasks are a lot harder for Harry Li than they are for other children his age.

The lively 3-year-old has hemiplegia, a condition which causes paralysis to the left side of his body.

Harry, who lives in Hillcrest, can't walk on his own and is almost blind in his left eye and needs help to do things like get dressed and go to the toilet.

Occupational therapist Steffi Wedge visits Harry and his parents, Rose and Peter Li, for about an hour each week to help develop his cognitive and motor skills.

"He's a really lovely and happy boy," Wedge says. "It affects every part of his wellbeing."

"The cognitive delays can be quite difficult and challenging but it's really exciting when he achieves things in his development. It's great to be part of that process."

The Well Foundation, the official fundraising body for the Waitemata District Health Board, is fundraising so it can equip community therapists like Wedge with more >> (external link)