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Research Symposium Posters

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These posters were presented at other national or international forums. They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitematā District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.

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Symposium 2021

2021poster1 EAPC thumbnail

End of life in residential aged care: Bereaved family and manager experiences of a palliative care education intervention

2021poster2 EESD thumbnail

Inter- and intra-rater reliability for assessment of swallowing using a hand-held portable ultrasound device

2021poster3 antibiotic thumbnail

Association between socioeconomic deprivation and community antibiotic dispensing

2021poster4 healthX thumbnail

Kaumātua have the ability, desire and right to control their medicines journey

2021poster5 nerve stimulation thumbnail

TENS for improving bowel and bladder dysfunction following spinal cord injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis

2021poster6 equip thumbnail

Totara Club Dementia Day Stay: providing a pro-active response to COVID-19 demands

Symposium 2019

2019 1 predictors of change thumb

Predictors of change in left ventricular mass in a randomized trial of extended hours dialysis

2019 2 dialysis on QoL thumb

Impact of extended hours dialysis on quality of life measured by EQ-5D and SF-6D utility instruments: active dialysis trial

2019 3 treatment carbapenem thumb

Successful treatment of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae PD peritonitis

2019 4 elderly peritoneal thumb

Clinical Outcomes in Elderly Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: A Single Centre Study

2019 5 home haemodialysis thumb

Dialysis Access infections in Home Haemodialyis patients: A Single Centre Experience

2019 6 neck lump clinic thumb

Neck Lump Clinic: A New Initiative at North Shore Hospital

2019 7 res aged care thumb

Residential Aged Care Staff Palliative Care Delivery Experience, Education and Psychological Wellbeing

2019 8 quitsmoking thumb

Evaluation of ‘Let’s Kick Butt 2017’: An Incentivised Mass Quit-Smoking Challenge for Mental Health & Addiction Services

2019 9 safeprescribing thumb

Supporting Junior Doctors In Safe Prescribing: Pharmacist Led Education Contributes To Significant Error Reduction

2019 10 sip cp pilot thumb

Safety in practice community pharmacy (SiP-CP) pilot programme

2019 11 rotation tka thumb

Validation of Three Methods of Measuring Tibial Component Rotation Following TKA. What is the Best Method?

2019 12 thrive thumb

Thrive: Accentuating the positive in the emergency department

2019 13 storyboard thumb

A large-scale initiative to improve NSAID prescribing safety: The story so far…

2019 14 mortality morbidity thumb

Mortality and Morbidity Meeting
He waka eke noa
We are all in this together

2019 15 heart score thumb

Chest pain identified as low risk for acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Can a HEART score pathway identify more patients for early safe discharge than the current TIMI score pathway?

2019 16 medicine review thumb

Pharmacist Involvement in Medicines Reviews in Māori Older Adults: A review of the literature

2019 17 stepaway thumb

Acceptability and utility of the ‘Step Away’ app in a New Zealand context: Feedback from end-users and stakeholders

2019 18 SMS4BG thumb

Text message-based diabetes self-management support: SMS4BG

2019 19 smokefree thumb

Challenging the Smoke in Mental Health & Addictions: an introduction to the Smokefree Coordinator role

2019 20 HHFNC vs CPAP thumb

Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Compared To Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for Neonates: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

2019 21 endometrial cancer thumb

Endometrial Cancer Survivorship: Improving long-term outcomes

2019 22 process mining thumb

Improving the Patient Journey - Process Mining in Healthcare: a New Zealand Case Study

2019 23 liaison psychiatry thumb

Understanding the scope of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry referrals in a general hospital setting in New Zealand

2019 24 neuropathic patterns thumb

Neuropsychiatric patterns in cerebral amyloid angiopathy and psychiatric presentations

2019 25 parkinson collaboration thumb

Transforming medicines administration for people with Parkinson’s: An interprofessional collaboration

2019 26 shape match thumb

No Difference in Five-Year Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes Between Kinematic and Mechanical Alignment in TKA – A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

2019 27 childrens nutrition thumb

Collaborative systems research to improve children's nutrition in West Auckland