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Poster Gallery 2018

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These posters have been submitted as entries in the Waitemata Health Excellence Awards and have not been subject to peer review. They may contain errors of fact or analysis, expressions of personal opinion and may not reflect Waitemata District Health Board’s policies, procedures and guidelines for clinical practice.
18WHEA101 Paracentesis thumbnail

Practical Paracentesis Teaching Improves Procedural Confidence and Competence

18WHEA102 healthyeating thumbnail

Mobile devices for promoting healthy eating: A systematic review

18WHEA103 strokeunit thumbnail

Integrated Stroke Unit:
human centered design

18WHEA104 ComSer thumbnail

Community Services Open Day at Waitakere Hospital

18WHEA105 ConHeaLitRev thumbnail

The Consumer Health Literacy
Review Process

18WHEA106 OThomvis thumbnail

The digital age of occupational therapy home visits

18WHEA107 iTuiApp thumbnail

iTui an app improving paediatrics assessments

18WHEA108 GrowingStronger thumbnail

Growing Stronger Together:
Improving children's journey

18WHEA109 DDH thumbnail

Screening of breech babies for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

18WHEA110 PrevSurgInfec thumbnail

Patient-centred approach to prevent surgical site infection in orthopaedic arthroplasty surgery [slides]

18WHEA111 The3G thumbnail

The 3G Programme
Get up, Get dressed, Get moving

18WHEA112 ChoosingWisely thumbnail

Choosing Wisely:
Urine Testing Process Improvement in Emergency Department

18WHEA113 Chestpain thumbnail

Chest pain identified as low risk
for acute coronary syndrome

18WHEA114 Gastro thumbnail

Mortality and Morbidity Meetings

18WHEA115 Prescriptions thumbnail

Timely, accurate and complete prescriptions?

18WHEA116 Connectdots thumbnail

Medinz - Connecting the dots:
A new way to communicate
directly with primary care

18WHEA117 headneck thumbnail

Connecting, supporting, and advocating
head and neck cancer patients and
their whānau

18WHEA118 PatientSafety thumbnail

Improving Patient Safety
in General Practice

18WHEA119 FellowsProgramme thumbnail

Fellow's Programme: creating new
opportunities for emerging
healthcare leaders [slides]

18WHEA120 eVitalsMaternity thumbnail

eVitals delivered safely in maternity:
an Australasian first [slides]

18WHEA121 ADU thumbnail

ADU Patient Progress Boards

18WHEA122 Oesophageal thumbnail

Improving patient care for Oesophageal Obstruction at Waitemata DHB