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Health Advisory Committees

Under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act, a DHB board has three statutory advisory committees which typically consist of both members of the public and board members of the DHB. These committees provide a key means for community voices to be heard.

The HAC gives advice arising from its Waitemata DHB provider-side perspective and its assessment of strategic issues relating to the provision of hospital services by or through the DHB.

HAC members

  • James Le Fevre (Chair)
  • Dr Lester Levy (Waitemata and Auckland DHB Board Chair)
  • Professor Max Abbott
  • Sandra Coney
  • Warren Flaunty
  • Morris Pita
  • Tony Norman
  • Christine Rankin
  • Allison Roe
  • Gwen Tepania Palmer
  • Willem Landman (co-opted member)
  • Susanna Galea (co-opted member)
  • Donna Riddell (co-opted member)

The CPHAC gives advice on the health status and needs of the resident population, the priorities for the use of health funding, and the development of funding strategies and policies. CPHAC shares the same membership and meetings with Auckland DHB's CPHAC.

CPHAC members

  • Gwen Tepania-Palmer (Chair)
  • Warren Flaunty (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Lester Levy (Waitemata and Auckland DHB Board Chair)
  • Professor Max Abbott
  • Jo Agnew
  • Peter Aitken
  • Dr Chris Chambers
  • Sandra Coney
  • Allison Roe
  • Lee Mathias
  • Robyn Northey
  • Christine Rankin
  • Dr Tim Jelleyman (co-opted member)
  • Elsie Ho (co-opted member)
  • Rev Featunai Liuaana (co-opted member)

The DSAC advises on disability issues. The main focus for this committee is in the areas of reviewing and advising on disability issues and policy across the organisation, and advocacy on disability issues for the district. DSAC shares the same memberhsip and meetings with Auckland DHB's DSAC.

DSAC members

  • Sandra Coney (Chair)
  • Jo Agnew (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Lester Levy (Waitemata and Auckland DHB Board Chair)
  • Professor Max Abbott
  • Judith Bassett
  • Robyn Northey
  • Michele Cavanagh (co-opted member)
  • Marie Hull-Brown (co-opted member)
  • Diarne Kirton (co-opted member)
  • Jan Moss (co-opted member)
  • Susan Sherrard (co-opted member)
  • Russell Vickery (co-opted member)

The MHGAC provides advice to the board in respect of all issues relating to Māori health and development. MHGAC shares common membership and meetings with Auckland DHB's MHGAC.

MHGAC members

  • Gwen Tepania-Palmer (Chair) (ADHB & WDHB)
  • Morris Pita (Deputy Chair) (ADHB & WDHB)
  • Dr Lester Levy (ex-officio) (ADHB & WDHB)
  • Dr Chris Chambers (ADHB)
  • Robyn Northey (ADHB)
  • James Le Fevre (WDHB)
  • Allison Roe (WDHB)
  • Raymond Hall (co-opted member)
  • Dr Matire Harwood (co-opted member)
  • Mataroria Lyndon (co-opted member)
  • Brian O'Shea (co-opted member)
  • Tereki Steward (co-opted member)

This committee meets every six weeks. Meetings are not open to the general public.